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Empowering and consolidating your image is one of the most essential aspects of your career and professional development. The modern market environment is more demanding than ever and therefore investment in communication is the way to go. Whether it is Business, Sports, Arts, Political or Personal Communication you are looking for, a journalistic point of view -based on research and thorough knowledge- is what you need.


We build your social media presence

Mindsupport is not yet another advertising and digital marketing company.

Our team consists of professional journalists, communication specialists and content creators that deliver exceptional services tailored to your needs.

We offer 360o solutions for the design, maintenance and smooth management of multiple-channel social media profiles that will secure your enhanced image throughout the user community. Rely on our experts for the deployment of successful strategies in line with your goals of personal, professional or business development.


We have long entered the age of constantly increasing flow of information and remarkable speed of news reporting; this will not change. We use it to our clients’ benefit, in times of crisis or public relations trouble. Public image management is the key to success for any legal or physical entity, especially when a crisis unfolds.

Our dedicated team of professional copywriters and content creators is ready to assist in crisis management, in coordination with our experienced legal experts. Our top priority is protecting the client’s public image.


Today, businesses and people operate and develop in a digital world.

Digital presence and advertising are indispensable tools to promote your business, personal professional brand, products and services. Smartly leveraged, they can bring real value and tangible results.

Drawing on its experience and professional know-how, Mindsupport can plan and manage your digital campaigns ensuring your communication enjoys the widest reach possible, always focused on the groups you target at; not a dime wasted.


TV productions is one of our core services; having hands-on experience and professional insight, our associates can deliver unparalleled results.

Ranging from design to implementation, Minsupport produces outstanding content, covering news and politics, advertising or entertainment, thanks to our team of experts (creative, journalistic, technical departments).

Moreover, our company takes up sponsorships seeking for productions developed by new talents, as applicable.


“Radio is the most intimate and socially personal medium in the world”, American radio announcer Harry von Zell, once said. Our objective is to turn it into the finest representative of your personal or corporate brand.

Our company plans and produces various radio shows and audio podcasts, devising smart strategies for sponsorship acquisition and retention.


Trust our experienced specialists for creative content customised for print media projects. We offer full-service planning and implementation of print content production, from copywriting and editing to printing and distribution.

Our creative team acts as a trusted partner for any aspiring author who brings forward original ideas. We will come up with well-formed proposals, advice and support to accommodate engaging publishing projects.


Mindsupport is active in event planning and management of various types, including corporate events, seminars, conferences, concerts and retreats. Using our extensive network of experienced associates, we can meet your needs, at any time or place.

We offer smart communication solutions for:

  • Small, large, medium or family businesses and companies, eager to increase their awareness, formulate their digital identity and brand, promote their products and services.
  • Organisations, NGOs and non-profit institutions; the web can greatly contribute in spreading the word for non-profit activities, promotion of social campaigns, programmes and services, as well as fund-raising and sponsor finding.
  • Freelancers and independent professionals; build your personal professional profile presenting your portfolio, showcasing your experience and expanding your clientele.
  • Artists; either for rising talents or established figures in the field of art and spectacle, a potent digital presence acts as a point of reference for their audience and as a professional tool for new projects and partnerships.
  • Political figures; acquire direct connection to the public in times when politicians often appear isolated. Enhance your political profile through a functional and appealing set of social media profiles.


Communication is the key generator of new ideas. Contact us for any questions you may have or information about our services.

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